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Our Mission: Cultivating wealth and value for homeowners, investors, and commercial partners.


Established in 2008 by our Chief Executive Officer, Marc Cox, MIOYM is a multi - faceted Distressed Asset Equity Firm headquartered in Purchase , New York. Our core focus lies in residential and commercial properties across the United States.

We are guided by our unwavering commitment to "Giving back to the community with every project" and the "Altruism-Forging Wealth for First-Time Homeowners and Investors."

MIOYM Equities

MIOYM Equities, the investment division of MIOYM, is a leading nationwide private equity firm specializing in distressed real estate assets. Our primary focus lies in the acquisition and management of both single-family and multi-family residential properties across the United States. With our unique investment program, we offer individuals and institutions the opportunity to participate in our Fix & Flip segment. Leveraging our years of expertise and proven investment models, MIOYM is also venturing into commercial and development projects.

At MIOYM, our utmost dedication is to protect and enhance our investors’ capital. Our mission is to empower investors to contribute to the broader economic growth, thus fostering a positive and lasting economic impact while delivering long-term value to our stakeholders.


MIOYM PROPERTIES acquires, and dispositions undervalued distressed mortgages and REO properties in 38 states.

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Time Tested Fix & Flip Program allowing individuals to invest and earn 17.5% per annum secured by R/E.

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The MIOYM Rent To Own Program is designed to help individuals who aspire to own a home but need more means to do so immediately.

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MIOYM offers investors the chance to engage in diverse commercial ventures.

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Individual Investors

MIOYM Equities is a Distressed Asset Private Equity firm in Westchester, New York, focusing on Single Family Residential across the United States. Time-tested Fix & Flip Program allowing individuals to invest and earn 17.5% per annum secured by R/E. MIOYM is a nationwide real estate investment company designed to preserve and grow your capital. We help individual investors contribute to overall economic growth, creating a positive economic impact with long-term value for our investors.

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Institutional Investors

MIOYM offers institutional investors the chance to engage in diverse commercial ventures. Leveraging our targeted investment approach, MIOYM upholds its rich legacy and reputation. Through our proprietary technologies and resources, we identify undervalued assets that provide both current income and long-term growth potential. Our primary interests lie in multi-family properties, industrial spaces, adaptable industrial setups, small retail complexes, land procurement, and development prospects.

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MIOYM is a vertically integrated real estate firm dedicated to creating value and delivering consistent returns to investors through a proven, conservative and disciplined investment and management strategy.

MIOYM’s primary objectives are capital preservation and generating long-term total return with a strong emphasis on current income by investing in single-family communities in high-density suburban markets.

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