What Truly Sets MIOYM Apart? Unraveling the Uniqueness of Our Organization.

When you come across countless real estate investment firms, have you ever wondered what truly distinguishes one from another? At MIOYM, our unique value proposition is not merely about offering products or services –crafting experiences and transforming communities.

MIOYM Equities

is a Distressed Asset Private Equity firm in Westchester, New York, focusing on Single Family Residential across the United States. Our program allows individuals to invest alongside our Fix & Flip portion of the firm and earn 17.5% per annum.

MIOYM is a nationwide real estate investment company designed to preserve and grow your capital.We help individual investors contribute to overall economic growth, creating a positive economic impact with long-term value for our investors.

MIOYM is excited to announce our collaborations with ENTRUST and Alto IRA to bring our clients a uniquely seamless experience with the Alternative IRA.

What is a self-directed IRA?

A Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) is more than a retirement savings account; it’s a vehicle that empowers investors to manage and diversify their portfolio with various asset classes, transcending the limitations of traditional retirement accounts.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate within an IRA/SDIRA

Asset Diversification: One of the most enticing features of investing in real estate through an SDIRA is the ability to diversify your portfolio. This tangible asset provides a hedge against the often unpredictable nature of the stock market, imparting stability and balance to your retirement savings.

Tax Advantages: Investors can also benefit from tax-deferred or tax-free growth, subject to the type of IRA. This feature accentuates the appeal of real estate as an investment option within a Self-Directed IRA, optimizing the potential for returns while minimizing tax liabilities.

Potential for Higher Returns: With its historical track record of appreciative growth, real estate emerges as a compelling avenue for enhancing the value of your IRA, promising not just security but also the prospect of significant returns. For a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in Self-Directed IRAs and real estate investments within them, consider exploring the resources The Entrust Group provides. Their expertise and insights can offer novice and experienced investors valuable guidance. Step into the world of empowered retirement savings where diversity, control, and enhanced growth potential converge to transform your financial future. The Self-Directed IRA awaits your exploration.

What are alternative assets?

They are startups, private companies, real estate, and loans. You can invest in your alternative support IRA or use groups in which MIOYM is already on their platform.
This collaboration benefits clients of self-directed IRA accounts, giving clients more options to invest in genuine estate.

MIOYM Equities

aims to build a community of successful real estate investors who will now have the tax advantage to invest in different assets through our platforms.
The entire procedure has been digitalized to make it one of the most convenient platforms for our clients. There are no hidden charges to begin investing with MIOYM Equities.

Vertically Integrated Approach: ​

Unlike many other organizations, we’re a vertically integrated RE investment firm. This means that we oversee every step of the process – from the seed of an investment idea to the fruition of its final product. Having a hand in every phase ensures consistency, transparency, and quality in what we deliver.

Tailored Solutions:

We recognize that every investor has unique needs and aspirations. With this understanding, we’ve developed the ability to tailor our products, ensuring a personalized fit for those with distinct requirements.

Beyond Investments – Rebuilding Communities:

Our mission becomes even more special here. Beyond providing returns, we actively rehabilitate neighborhoods. By breathing life into distressed areas, we’re enhancing the value of properties, revitalizing communities, and fostering hope.

Empowering First-time Homebuyers:

Everyone dreams of owning their own home, whether a family or an individual. However, challenges like unfavorable credit scores can pose significant hurdles. At MIOYM, we believe in making dreams a reality. We assist potential homebuyers in repairing their credit scores, and once they’re ready, we connect them with reliable FHA lenders. Our goal? To see more families and individuals stepping into houses, they can proudly call their homes.
In essence, MIOYM isn’t just about real estate or investment returns. We're about touching lives, restoring communities, and ensuring financial barriers don’t curtail dreams. Let's connect if you resonate with our mission or are keen on understanding how we can assist you. Together, we can craft legacies and uplift communities.

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