Locate A Property

Our Proprietary technology identifies distressed properties throughout 42 different states selling for 60% discounts.

Analyze A Property

We determine the potential ARV and avoid overpaying for the house.

Rehabilitate Property

We add value by renovating the property increasing its market value.

List Property

Upon completion of rehab, we list ther property with local realtor.

Sell Property

We look to sell the property to a first-time home buyer within a year of purchasing the property.

You Earn a Passive Return, While We Do All the Work


Month Hold





Own tangible asset with security to real estate / property

All Investments come with a personal guarantee

Invest With MIOYM In Your IRA

What is a self-directed IRA?

A Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) is more than a retirement savings account; it’s a vehicle that empowers investors to manage and diversify their portfolio with various asset classes, transcending the limitations of traditional retirement accounts.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate within an IRA/SDIRA

Asset Diversification: One of the most enticing features of investing in real estate through an SDIRA is the ability to diversify your portfolio. This tangible asset provides a hedge against the often unpredictable nature of the stock market, imparting stability and balance to your retirement savings.

Tax Advantages: Investors can also benefit from tax-deferred or tax-free growth, subject to the type of IRA. This feature accentuates the appeal of real estate as an investment option within a Self-Directed IRA, optimizing the potential for returns while minimizing tax liabilities.

Potential for Higher Returns: With its historical track record of appreciative growth, real estate emerges as a compelling avenue for enhancing the value of your IRA, promising not just security but also the prospect of significant returns.

MIOYM has partnered with the Entrust Group, a premier provider of self-directed IRAs. For a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in Self-Directed IRAs and real estate investments within them, consider exploring the resources of The Entrust Group. Their expertise and insights can offer novice and experienced investors valuable guidance. Please explore The Entrust Group. With MIOYM and Entrust, your self-directed IRA investment is one click away!

Step into the world of empowered retirement savings where diversity, control, and enhanced growth potential converge to transform your financial future. The Self-Directed IRA awaits your exploration.

we can work with your existing SDIRA & existing company.

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