Established in 2008 by our Chief Executive Officer, Marc Cox, MIOYM is a multi- faceted Distressed Asset Equity Firm headquartered in Purchase , New York. Our core focus lies in residential and commercial properties across the United States. We are guided by our unwavering commitment to “Giving back to the community with every project” and the “Altruism-Forging Wealth for First-Time Homeowners and Investors.”

MIOYM operates as a vertically integrated organization, drawing upon the expertise of a dedicated team of over 30 professionals and leveraging proprietary software to identify, evaluate, acquire, and rejuvenate residential and commercial property portfolios nationwide. Over the past decade, we have successfully revitalized over 1,000 residential properties across the United States, consistently delivering robust and rapid investment returns.​

Legacy and Impact with Marc

Marc Cox, the CEO of MIOYM Group, is fervently committed to his vision of leaving the Earth in a better state than when he found it.
Central to his mission is our dedication to helping families realize their dream of homeownership, empowering investors to thrive, and uplifting the contractors we collaborate with. At MIOYM, we wholeheartedly share Marc’s sentiments. For us, it’s not merely a matter of buying low and selling high; it’s about creating tangible, enduring improvements in the lives of the individuals we touch.

Much like Marc, we believe in constructing homes and building enduring legacies.


We invite you to listen to Marc’s heartfelt words and join us on our journey.

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