Giving back to the community with every project




MIOYM is a Distressed Asset Private Equity firm located in Westchester, New York that focuses on Single Family Residential across the United States. We are a nationwide real estate investment company designed to preserve and grow your capital. We help individual investors contribute to overall economic growth creating a positive economic impact with long-term value for our investors.


Marc Cox, the Managing director of MIOYM always operates under the philosophy of


“Giving back to the community with every project.”


Marc started his career in 1999 buying and flipping houses in the Baltimore, Maryland area. The goal was to rehab distressed homes in the neighbors bringing back to the community increased home property values and in doing so also cleaning up the neighborhoods. For Marc, this alone wasn’t good enough as he felt he could do even more for the current families living in these newly improved neighborhoods. This is where the dream for MIOYM’s first-time home buyer program came to life. The goal was to give back even more for their futures by helping individuals who couldn’t afford a home, have appropriate credit, or quite simply lack the knowledge base on how to acquire a traditional mortgage. Marc wanted to get individuals and families into their dream homes!


Marc and his team at MIOYM will assist you in getting qualified to purchase your dream home. We have the resources and team in place to get you qualified for a mortgage to purchase your home. We also assist in getting you a first-time home buyer down payment assistance from your local state or county. If for some reason, we cannot get you the down payment assistance then we allow you to occupy the home for a minimum of four months to be able to escrow your down payment and break it into monthly installments to purchase the home. It is designed to help those that want to own a home and that want to pay with a mortgage payment than they do currently renting.


To qualify for this program you cannot have any bankruptcy, foreclosure, or judgments.  Collections, low scores, medical bills, and multiple inquiries are all ok. Contact us at our website MIOYM Equities or feel free to call 914-566-8292 or if you don’t like either of those you can email robert@mioymequities.comand speak with us to see if you qualify.


Marc and his team at MIOYM will make your dream of home ownership a reality.

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