Hector Arce

Director of Construction

Hector Arce is the Director of Construction for MIOYM Properties, a position that entails significant responsibilities in overseeing construction projects and ensuring their successful completion. He is primarily tasked with project control and management, ensuring multiple renovations and projects are executed within specified timeframes and budget constraints.
As the Director of Construction, Hector manages all sub-contractors involved in MIOYM Properties’ projects. This entails assessing and mitigating potential risks and ensuring that all work meets the required quality standards.
With his qualifications and experience, Hector Arce is well-equipped to play a pivotal role in the success of MIOYM Properties’ construction projects. His focus on project control, budget adherence, and quality management ensures that the company’s initiatives are executed efficiently and to the highest standards in the construction industry.
His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology from the NY Institute of Technology. Hector has undertaken continuing education courses in construction supervision to enhance his professional expertise further.

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