Marc A Cox


Marc A Cox is the CEO and Founder of the MIOYM GROUP, an opportunistic distressed asset investment firm. His journey towards this role began during his college days in Baltimore, MD, where he was deeply moved by the desolation and challenges faced by many communities in the city. This experience inspired him to make a difference in people’s lives and led him to pursue a career in finance with a vision of effecting positive change in communities.
After completing his college education, Marc built his career and work ethic step by step. In 2008, he founded MIOYM, which stands for “Mirror Image of Your Mind,” reflecting the philosophy of attracting and reflecting goals and dreams. “The core belief is that whatever one focuses on is what one will attract in life.”
Today, MIOYM has grown into a vertically integrated family of business units that embody Marc’s dream. The firm is involved in various activities, including generating wealth for individuals and institutional investors, providing families the opportunity of owning their first home, and actively contributing to developing new neighborhoods and communities. Throughout this journey, the primary goal for Marc and MIOYM has remained constant: “Making a Difference.”
Marc holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Morgan State University, undoubtedly contributing to his expertise and success in the financial and investment sectors. His dedication to his vision and the communities he seeks to impact has driven the growth and success of MIOYM.

Marc’s 13-year-old son is a significant priority outside his professional life. They engage in various teenage activities together, fostering a close bond. Through these shared experiences, Marc imparts essential life lessons and old-fashioned values, ensuring his son grows up with a solid moral compass. Marc’s roots and core values play a significant role in his life. These values are the foundation of his decisions and actions in his personal and professional life. Every day, Marc is a learner and believes in leading by example. He is a leader in his community and actively participates in various communal activities. In addition to spending quality time with his family Marc is avid about chess and billiards. He is also committed to carving out time for a regular exercise regimen.

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