Robert Costomiris

President MIYOM Equities

Robert Costomiris is the President of MIYOM Equities, managing and overseeing Investor Relations activities. With over 20 years of Wall Street experience, his background includes working as a stockbroker and financial advisor and co-founding and managing a securities organization. In this latter role, he successfully collaborated with over 150 advisors across offices in 5 states, demonstrating his expertise as a seasoned principal overseeing a Broker-Dealer, Insurance Division, and Registered Investment Advisors.

At MIYOM Equities, Robert’s strategic skillsets and client-centric salesmanship standards are used daily as the company expands its core business practices. He is dedicated to enhancing the strategic objectives of MIYOM and providing exceptional value to the company’s clients and stakeholders.

Robert has attained various professional advanced securities and financial advisory licenses, further demonstrating his industry knowledge and expertise. He resides in Westchester, NY, with his wife and two active children. When not busy with work responsibilities, Robert enjoys traveling to his daughter’s softball tournaments, spending quality time with his family at the beach, or engaging in snowboarding activities.

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