Sandy Ramirez

Project Manager

Sandy D. Ramirez’s passion for architecture and construction ignited at a young age, leading her to attend a vocational high school focused on Architecture and Design. In May of 2014, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Science of Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

Sandy has since leveraged her expertise in the field, serving as the Programs Coordinator for a not-for-profit organization, where she led three programs catering to various NYC agencies and national projects. These initiatives provided invaluable services to the communities of The Bronx and Manhattan. Under her adept supervision and management, these programs consistently exceeded expectations, demonstrating her commitment to excellence.

Embarking on a new chapter in her career, Sandy has joined the construction industry with MIOYM Equity Group. This opportunity allows her to integrate her diverse skill set and contribute significantly to the company’s present operations and future ventures.

In her leisure time, Sandy and her children indulge in artistic pursuits, exploring various mediums and the great outdoors. Additionally, they actively engage in community service, dedicating their time and energy to activities such as park and river cleaning, tree planting, and collaborating with local community gardens.
Her guiding motto, as articulated by John Rohn, encapsulates her philosophy: “Don’t wish it was easier. Wish you were better.”

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