Senior Managing Director Commercial Capital

Tina Billie is an accomplished professional with a diverse mortgage and commercial lending background. As the Senior Managing Director of MIYOM Commercial Capital, she holds a significant leadership role overseeing the asset-based lending group dealing with various commercial properties, including bridge loans, flip & fix, and purchases. She collaborates directly with corresponding banks and broker affiliates to facilitate lending transactions.
With over 28 years of experience in the mortgage and commercial lending arena, Tina has an in-depth understanding of the lending process, having worked in multiple roles, such as residential mortgage processor, loan closer, operations manager, Director of Compliance, and management of commercial lending organizations. Her extensive experience in different aspects of lending equips her with valuable insights into managing a growing team effectively.

Since joining MIYOM in 2023, Tina has been actively implementing and updating various aspects of the lending unit, including technology, compliance, loan processing, and workflow. These initiatives aim to increase deal flow and volume to an impressive target of over $250 million annually.

Outside of her professional achievements, Tina’s educational pursuits showcase her diverse interests, ranging from the sciences to vocal performance. She is pursuing a corporate finance degree, indicating her commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Tina’s personal life reflects her strong family ties and background in the military. Coming from a military family, she takes pride in the fact that two of her children currently serve in the armed forces, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfathers.

Despite her demanding career and responsibilities, Tina maintains a balanced life by engaging in various communal activities. Her involvement in recreational sewing, softball, and woman empowerment groups demonstrates her dedication to community engagement and personal interests outside of work.

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